Armenian Food Producing Companies

Armenian food and beverages derive most of its magic from the great abundance, quality, and freshness of its locally sourced ingredients.

Experiencing Armenia means trying all of the delicious meals it has to offer.

Whether it’s in a modern restaurant, a fast food spot, or a traditional home cooked meal – Armenia has many flavors to satisfy your tastebuds.

Armenian agriculture is one of the most developing sectors in Armenia. Here are the list of some of the companies in Armenia.



“Ashtarak-Kat” CJSC  was founded in 1995 in the village Agarak, Aragatsotn region. For about 20 years “Ashtarak-Kat”  has been the leader in the Armenian dairy market. Currently, the company has nearly 500 employees, produces 45 types of ice cream with its flavoring subspecies, 50 types of dairy products with its subspecies, jams, and confitures. “Ashtarak-Kat” CJSC  cooperates with 6000 farmsteads. Year by year the number of these farmsteads is being enlarged with the aim of acquiring only fresh, high quality and valuable milk.



Atenk Company was founded in 1993 by father and son Yeritsyans. Starting with three types of sausage production, the company gradually enlarged both the products and the production volume. Currently, Atenk is presenting more than 150 products in the market. Here you can see intertwined the traditional and the modern, national and European elements due to the company’s proficient technologists and as a result, the consumer is provided with meat products that have the characteristic taste of this wonderful brand.


Grand Candy

 “Grand Candy” is the largest enterprise in the food industry in Armenia. The company was founded at the beginning of 2000 by Hrant Vardanyan.

First, hard candy production was launched, then that of chocolates. These two facilities were manufacturing 100 names of confectionery products. nowadays “Grand Candy”  accounts for more than 40 percent of the confectionery market in Armenia.

Currently, “Grand Candy” produces more than 400 different products. “Grand Candy” is the only factory in the Transcaucasia to process cocoa beans.

“Grand Candy” production is certified with ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards and ISO 22000:2005 food safety control standards. The advantage of “Grand Candy” products is the high quality and the use of only natural ingredients, such as cocoa and dairy products, nuts and fillings made from fresh fruits. Despite the high cost of natural raw materials, “Grand Candy” never uses cheap and low-quality ingredients or artificial additives of any kind. The key priority of “Grand Candy” is the health of its consumers. Therefore, all the ingredients used in the production undergo an extensive analysis in the company’s main laboratory, which is certified according to ISO 17025 standards, and the quality control department ensures high and stable quality of the products.


Ararat Food

 Ararat Food Plant – “Karolina Group” member enterprise has launched its operation in 2011 and produces 100% natural juices, nectars, juice drinks, fruit and vegetable preserves, as well as herbal and classic black and green teas Within its first year of operation the enterprise has established export markets in Russia, Georgia, and CIS countries, while in a negotiations to enter EU and US markets. The factory is equipped with the latest modern technologies of Swedish “Tetra Pak” company, and continuously improves its performance; which allows producing high-quality natural juices.

One of the most attractive and successful projects of the plant is the manufacturing of jams, preserves and marinades “Ararat Food”, based on traditional Armenian technologies. Jams and preserves are made from apricot, peach, fig, quince, apple, blackberry, walnut, cherry, sweet cherry, rosehip, tea rose petals. Marinades are made from Solomon’s seal, horse fennel, parsnip chervil and ram son.


Ararat group

«ARARAT GROUP» factory is certified to an ISO 9001 «Quality Management System» and ISO 22000 «Food safety management system» standards — ensuring safety of the finished product and the maximum optimization of technological processes in the food industry.

«ARARAT GROUP» mineral springs area includes five mineral water wells:

  • В2-11, В2-12, В2-19 wells under the trademark «ARARAT»;
  • В3-1 well under the trademark «The Well» Sparkling;
  • В1-1 well under the trademark «The Well» Still.

In 2007 all the wells of “Ararat Group” passed an independent water quality examination, provided by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS, GmbH (Germany), which is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company.


Ararat brandy company

Armenian brandy production was started in 1887 in Yerevan by the merchant and philanthropist Nerses Tairyan, who was the first to introduce classic French alcohol production technology in his factory. He was inspired by his cousin, Vasily Tairov, who was an experienced winemaker and scientist. Nobody else recognized as well as he did nature’s gift – the unique conditions of Ararat Valley and the high-quality of the local grapes.

With financial support from friends and relatives, production was fitted with Charante Type distillers and the premises were equipped for aging spirits. Their entrepreneurial instinct did not fail the brothers, their undertaking became a technological breakthrough and opened new prospects for the brandy business in Armenia.

Since 1998, the Yerevan Brandy Company has been a part of the international company Pernod Ricard. Development of a responsible drinking culture. Care for the environment. Responsibility towards customers, partners, investors and, of course, consumers.


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