The Agri-food (processed food and beverages) sector plays a vital role in the economy of Armenia, averaging about 15% of Armenia’s total export.

KEY FACTS on Armenian agri-food and beverages

  • +37,4% growth rate in beverages export and  48,4% of agri-food  export in 2017
  • Armenia exported about 100,8 million USD agri-food products.
  • About 39% of agri-food export are meat, fish and products thereof
  • Booming export of sugar confectionery, chocolate, flour and bread products
  • Russian market is the biggest consumer of Armenian agri-food products followed by Iran and Georgia. 66,5% of all agri-food products were exported to Russia
  • 89% of food processing  companies have EAEU certificates, 67%-FDA, 56%-ISO, 44%-HACCP certificates

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