Armenia, China discuss possibility of direct air communication, creation of business arena

Caretaker Minister of Transportation, Communication and Information Technologies Hakob Arshakyan has held a meeting with China’s Ambassador to Armenia Tian Erlong, the ministry said.

During the meeting, Arshakyan spoke highly about the cooperation in road construction, IT and telecommunication that has developed between the two countries.

The caretaker minister addressed the construction of the North-South Road Corridor’s Tranche 3, which is carried out by China’s Sinohydro Corporation.

Arshakyan noted that certain problems have appeared in this portion of the road but that positive movement is observed in the recent period.

Speaking about revising the timeframe of the project, Arshakyan noted that first of all it is necessary to involve new capacities, increase accountability in the work, and if after all efforts it won’t be possible to maintain the deadline, then extending the deadline in a reasonable way will be discussed.

The Chinese ambassador said he is always ready to assist in establishing mutual understanding in working relations.

On behalf of the Chinese side, the ambassador expressed interest over being involved in the project’s Tranche 4- be it construction carried out by a Chinese company or financial participation under favorable loan conditions. He said that the Chinese side is open for cooperation in any format.

The sides also exchanged ideas over direct air communication. The ambassador emphasized that the possibility of establishing direct air communication can be discussed when for example the passenger flow will significantly increase.

Arshakyan’s deputy Bagrat Badalyan presented the Armenian participation’s framework at the upcoming November 20 Pilot Project Expert Group meeting on Financing in Brussels. The Tranche 4 project is planned to be presented at the event.

The Chinese ambassador highlighted Armenia’s role as a mediator country for establishing China-EEU economic ties.

The ambassador said that every autumn an expo is organized in Shenzhen, and that the venue might be considered as the kind of arena that the caretaker minister was talking about. Erlong attached importance to not only business ties, but also academic relations, cooperation of Armenian and Chinese scientists.

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