Select Armenia will publish 2018 sectorial report

Good news for those who are interested in the investment opportunities of Armenia. As 2018 is about to end Select Armenia will systematically publish the 2018 report of the sectoral description of different industries of the Armenian economy. The materials will give you a full image of the specific sector. Here you can find all the necessary information about the field in numbers, a brief overview of the business environment and liberal trade policies set by the country, representing the main incentives why one should invest in Armenia.  The sectoral reports will be published every week. So here are the main sectors in Armenia, you’ll get the 2018 report in Select.

 IT Sector of Armenia

Armenia, as a regional leader in IT and high-tech industry, has been transforming into a global IT Hot Spot. Know more about one of the most perspective and fastest growing industries of Armenia, with the market strengths and investment opportunities, as well as a wide range of incentives provided by the Government. Get more information on the success stories of leading international companies having chosen Armenia as their business destination.

Pharma Sectoral Overview coming soon



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