Interest towards investment opportunities in Tavush province increases

The number of people interested in investments in Armenia’s Tavush province has significantly increased in the recent period. Those are mainly Armenian businessmen from different counties who were born in Tavush: they want to have their investment in the homeland.

Tavush governor Vahe Ghalumyan told that there is a great interest towards investment opportunities. Some investment programs are in process, and others still are at the discussion stage.

Vahe Ghalumyan informed that the forum which was held in September greatly contributed to the activeness of the investment field in the province, and the first results of the forum already exist.

“A memorandum has already been signed after the forum. I visited Ukraine for that purpose. Armenian-Ukrainian businessman Andranik Ghazaryan from Ijevan plans to establish a livestock farm, cooperatives, as well as to provide pigs to farmers. We have presented several options to the businessman. Currently his representative is in Tavush, and the issue is being discussed”, the governor said.

In addition, another businessman is interested in the program of creating a tourism zone. Vahe Ghalumyan said a hotel program is being implemented in Ijevan.

“In terms of revealing investment opportunities, observations are being carried out in tourism and agriculture sectors. We have a successful example in the field of light industry. As you know, Tavush Textile is operating successfully, which has created 520 jobs with 150.000 AMD average salary. Now we are holding talks with the businessman to establish small production units in other villages”, the governor said.

He also commented on the 140.000 USD grant which was announced during the visit of acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan in Tavush. The grant will be provided to Haghartsin, Teghut communities.

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