Armenian Agricultural Sector

The agricultural sector in Armenia is one of the most prominent sectors of Armenian economy.

Investments both by private sector and international organizations are constantly made in this sector. 

The industry is still adapting to a market economy, and efforts are focused on improving efficiency, competitiveness of products, and diversification of production. There are some components making the agricultural sector in Armenia very profitable to invest in.  So, here are some of them.

Organic agriculture

Organic agriculture became very popular worldwide. The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements that expands its activities in more than 100 countries promotes and supports the development of organic agriculture all over the world. Armenia has a great potential for organic agriculture development. Several local and international organizations such as Ecoglobe, Agribusiness and Rural Development Center, Green Lane, Armenian Woman for Health and Healthy Environment are intensively working on the developing organic agriculture in Armenia.

Anti-hail station

There are 550 anti-hale stations and 120 rockets in Armenia. Barva innovation center established in 2005  is intensively engaged in scientific and technical R&D and innovation as well as in manufacturing and installation/setup of high-tech devices and equipment, including in particular, hail suppression systems Zenith®, rain stimulation systems Rainstim®, systems for producing pellets from dry biomass(straw,leaves,thin tree branches), high-efficiency burners and boilers working on such pellets, systems for producing syngas Ecogas®, solar (photovoltaic) system and balancing support units, solar water heaters,defrosting systems Antifrost® for protection of plants and orchards, etc. In 2011 October 21 company has been granted 69Q13622 certificate of Conformity to ISO 9001:2008 International Quality management system.

Anti-hail nets

Anti-hail nets are capable not only to protect the plants from unpleasant weather conditions but also to create a sustainable microclimate in your garden. Using nets appropriate to the area and for the selected agricultural crops will possibly increase plant biomass, strengthen root system and stem, and adjust the color and size of the fruit. The anti-hail net system was put into operation in Armenia in 2014.

Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation System is one of the key components boosting agricultural production in Armenia. In addition, drip irrigation has several important advantages: early harvest, prevention of soil degradation, diseases and weeds spreading the risk of falling. Among the advantages of the drip system is that it increases crop yields by 20-50%, the chance of obtaining high-quality harvest, field uniform water distribution and water savings of 30-60% / and reduces water evaporation and filtration.


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