Khndzoresk: One of the most beautiful landmarks in Armenia

Khnodzoresk is a bordering village in Syunik Region, Armenia. The village is especially known for its amazing nature, swinging bridge and the caves which once served as habitations by the locals.  It is one of the most attractive destinations if you’d rather exploring far more than the ordinary tourist sights in Armenia. 

This distant village was almost forgotten until the recent years until the swinging bridge was reconstructed.  Now the village is for those who want to test their fear from height by passing the bridge, and, of course, for those who are attracted with the breathtaking nature and the unique caves of the village. The village is definitely worth to visit.

However,  Khndzoresk remains a comparably less known destination. Even Armenians may not often recognize the village by its name.  Maybe this is one of the key attributes making the village so attractive. The so much desired feeling of complete isolation from the city noise and the hustle of life is irreplaceable sometimes.  So, let’s explore what else makes this village so unique!

Khndzoresk served as a natural barrier against the enemy. Thanks to its excellent geographical location the village used to serve as a military base during the struggle for liberation.  High cliffs made Khndzoresk difficult to reach.

The caves of Khndzoresk were inhabited since unmemorable times. The villagers used to live in the caves from the 13th century to 1950s. The caves were difficult to reach even for the inhabitants. It is said that if people living in the village needed to get to and from different caves, they simply used ropes, ladders, or hidden tunnels. It’s estimated that the number of inhabitants in the cave reached 15000.

The swinging bridge of Khndzoresk is the main attraction of the village. It was out of use since 2012. The swinging bridge is 160 meters long, 36 meters above the ground, and 1.5 meters wide. The bridge made the lives of the villagers much easier, as it connected the 2 parts of the village. The swinging bridge also attracts the extreme lovers, as it gives a huge rush of adrenalin to those who pass it. So, in case you haven’t coped with your fear of height, just try not to look down while passing. Though Khndzoresk is not as known as other historical sights in Armenia, the visit here will definitely be unforgettable.


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