BabyBoo: New smart seat to help kids feel in mom’s arms

Armenian startup has developed a smart seat to be controlled via mobile app. The seat will allow kids to feel in mom’s arms.

The seat will have several modes: up-down, to the side, shaking, vibration.

“The seat is light and creates the impression of mom’s arms. Further we will add heartbeat function so that the seat feels more natural for kids. We will also be able to record and turn on mom’s voice or a piece of music, for example, if kid starts to cry. The music and mom’s voice will help them calm down. The whole process will be managed via mobile app,” she noted.

Programmers and physicists worked on the project, while pediatricians and child psychologists provided consultation. According to the founder of the startup, the seat is completely safe and durable. The possibility of child’s falling down is excluded, since it is elaborated in accordance with tripod model.

BabyBoo model is now ready. The team is looking for investor for creating the prototype and performing testing.

“We need only USD 6500-7500 to finish the elaboration of the prototype as well as its testing.  We will implement a stage-by-stage testing. Before creating the final product, we intend to test it (free of charge) with 5-6 age groups, at least one of which will be able to express with mimics, hands or speech whether the seat is comfortable. We plan to create several models of the product in accordance with relevant functions,” she concluded.

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