Medical Centers in Armenia

Medical centers in Armenia can freely boast with full compliance with international standards. The medical centers host a large number of local and foreign patients offering convenient and multi-profile services. What’s more important, those medical centers are not located only in the capital of the country. Some of the best medical centers in Armenia are located in the regions, making the medical care convenient and available for people from regions. Here is the list of best medical centers in Armenia.

Erebuni Medical Center

Erebuni medical center is the largest and well known medical center in Armenia. The hospital medical center provides high-quality multi-profile services in accordance with world standards. Thanks to the collaboration with a number of international medical institutions the medical center is equipped with advanced technologies and the staff systematically participate in various trainings around the world.

Astghik Medical Center

Astghik medical center is another highly recognized and large clinic in Armenia. Astghik is the successor of Malatia medical center, and many still recognize this clinic with this name. The medical center was fully renovated and equipped with the newest technologies in 2012. Due to the investment of €30 million Astghik became one of the leading medical centers in Armenia and today there are more than 27 departments in the clinic.

Arzni Aesthetica Surgicenter & Medspa

The distinction of medical centers in Armenia is large. There are both multi-profile medical centers and also medical centers which are specialized in one specific area. Arzni medical center is one of those specialized in the plastic surgeries of various kind. The building is projected all in eco-friendly environment. The medical clinic was established in 2015 and provides high-class services of plastic surgery.

Kapan Medical Center

Kapan medical center is the largest and main hospital in Syunik region, equipped with modern technological solutions. The building is renovated and convenient. The medical service provides multi-profile services. The center is known for its high-class professionals and high-quality services.

Shengavit  Medical Center

Shengavit multi-profile clinical-diagnostic institution is another leading medical center in Armenia. The medical center provides such services as obstetrics, surgical (endoscopic) treatment of various types, treatment of gynecologic diseases, reproductive manipulations and interventions, diagnostics (X-ray, mammography, ultrasound, cardiologic, laboratory, pathomorphologic), women’s consulting etc.  The new facility of Shengavit medical center was opened in September 14, 2018.

Gyumri medical center

As we’ve mentioned above, the medical centers are located not only in the capital but also in other regions of Armenia. So, meet Gyumri hospital, which is fully competitive with the medical centers of the capital both with technological solutions and the high professional staff.

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