Smart Green: The new system for greenhouse management

A seven-strong team of Armenian specialists have developed an automated greenhouse system Smart Green that can increase the crop capacity by 30-50% and save up to 20% of power costs.

Smart Green can measure and provide optimal heating, irrigation and ventilation settings for each plant in the greenhouse.

Co-founder of the system Mher Yerznkanyan has told that the world is now widely introducing precision agriculture, which allows securing up to 70% of increase in crop capacity through establishment of the most optimal conditions for each plant.

“We have the working prototype now, it will be tested in greenhouses in Armenia over two months. We plan to make little improvements and corrections to have a completely ready product by the end of the process,” said Mher Yerznkanyan.

According to him, the system will be easy to operate and the farmers won’t have to invite specialists to use it.

“We are going to target local greenhouse farms in Armenia over the next 3-4 years. The feedback from the farmers will help us improve Smart Green. To start selling our system, we will need investment of USD 15 000,” said Yerznkanyan.

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