Armenia: the land of delicious fruits

One of the first associations while imagining Armenia is its juicy and delicious fruits.  Armenian fruits make the journey to Armenia more colorful and tasty.

Some fruits are popular and met not only in Armenia. So you may be interested why we call them Armenian fruits. The secret lies behind their amazing taste and all that is because of Armenian climate.   The sunny climate and fertile weather create favorable condition for the cultivation of fruits.


Armenian fruits and vegetables have quite large demand abroad. As of July 11, 2018, 101.492 tons of fresh fruits-vegetables have been exported from Armenia.  Apricot has the largest demand in the international market. From January 2018 to July 2018, 44.131 tons of apricots have been exported from Armenia.

So, let’s explore what fruits are definitely must try in Armenia.

Armenian fruits are sold both in markets and supermarkets. Armenian markets become rich and colorful in summer, where one can find all kinds of fruits and vegetables.


Apricot is the national fruit of Armenia. There are some versions connected with the origin of this fruit. The most widespread one leads to Armenia. It is said that in the 1st century a Roman Emperor brought apricot from Armenia to the Roman Empire.  People of other nationalities adored this fruit and started calling it an Armenian apple.

Though apricot is grown in other countries as well, it won’t be easy to find such mouthwatering and delicious apricot anywhere else. the taste of Armenian apricot differs  incomparably. Very often Armenians call Apricot their national symbol.Apricot season begins from June and lasts till August in Armenia.By the way, the traditional Armenian instrument duduk is made from apricot tree.


Armenians pay special  attention to this fruit as it can be freely considered another national fruit of Armenia.  Pomegranate is met on almost every step in Armenia. It has its respectable role in Armenia  culture as well. Armenians like to make jewelry in shape of pomegranate.

Armenian worship this fruit accepting it as their national treasure. There are many examples in Armenian  culture dedicated to this fruit.  One of them is the world famous movie, “The color of pomegranate” by Sergei Parajanov.


This list would surely be not complete without grape.

Armenia is known as the cradle of wine-making.  The oldest winery has been discovered in this country.  The winery is 6100 years old! Since those times Armenians cultivated number of grape varieties keeping the oldest traditions of wine making.  Besides being the extremely important component of Armenian wine-making, grape also used in the main Armenian dish.Dolma is prepared with grape leaves. The overwhelming quantity of Armenian grapes is cultivated in Ararat valley.

There are pretty much other fruits  met in the most countries. However some varieties of those fruits are met only in Armenia. For example, there are Armenia species of apple such as Anarat, Chrkhan, Shshi, Sokhi, Tapak, Summer Shertavor.

Armenian fig, for instance is known for its comparably large sizes and sweet taste.

So, make sure you visit Armenian markets and buy fruits from there. Armenian fruits are definitely worth it!


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