From an Importer to a Producer and Exporter: The Nazarian Cooling System Expands Its Production

With the support of Business Armenia and an investment of $370,000, the Nazarian Cooling System expands its production. Business Armenia team has visited the company and discussed the prospects of future cooperation. 

The company that now produces, maintains, renovates and imports refrigerators has started its operations 10 years ago by importing and with years of work it has turned into a producer. Today the company is planning to export its products. 

The Nazarian Cooling System has already sent the first experimental batch to Georgia.

“We’ve started with a single specialist and currently have 40 employees. We represent a number of leading international brands and make cooling systems using high-quality components. Today we plan on entering foreign markets” mentioned the CEO of the company, Mr. Arvin Nazarian.

“With the new investments, the company plans to expand and produce ice-cream and beverage stand-fridges for the local market. Armenians now use the imported versions of such systems. We hope that next year locals will have Armenian made fridges” stated the CEO of Business Armenia, Mr. Armen Avak Avakian.

“The Nazarian Cooling System has participated in a number of expos and forums, received orders and signed partnership contracts. And from now on, the Armenian made cooling systems will not only compete in the Georgian market but also in that of Russia” said the Businessmen support team leader of Business Armenia, Mr. Hayk Mirzoyan.

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