Nairian: Internationally known Armenian cosmetics

Meet Armenian organic cosmetics Nairian which is already exported to a number of countries such as the US, Japan, Russia etc.

Today Nairian is already a highly recognized brand with its loyal clients.

Soon after its foundation, Nairian cosmetics became the favorite of many women worldwide and gained its respectable place in the international market. So, what makes Nairian so special?

The answer is simple: the cosmetics are made from 100 percent of natural products and doesn’t contain any chemical additives.

The founders of Nairian cosmetics Ara and Anahit made their decision to come to Armenia and establish the business which will combine modern scientific methods and ancient Armenian traditions of aesthetic medicine.

Nairian cosmetics is cruelty-free and non-toxic. The formula is developed during the years of research via using the principles of aromatherapy, and the highest quality essential and carrier oils, to create unique skincare solutions. The cosmetics have never been tested on animals.

Nairian owns a huge field in Armenia. All the plants and products are exceptionally grown in Armenia.  Through the agricultural production, no synthetic fertilizers are used.  The  70% of the products are harvested from the 100km radios fields of Nairian cosmetics. The remaining products are purchased from the local farmers.

The farm and the laboratory of Nairian are located on the slope of  Ara mountain, Aragyugh.

By the way, Nairian organizes special tours for those who are interested in the how the cosmetics are made. Anyone is free to purchase a tour to the experimental garden and laboratory learning about everything that goes into growing medicinal herbs & plants and how those herbs and plants turn into so useful cosmetics.

The laboratories of Nairian are well-equipped and provide all necessary facilities for deep research.

Nairian cosmetics include products for skin, hair and body care. The organic products contain moisturizers and toners for all types of skin.

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